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New Baby Scheduler
New Baby Scheduler is now available for purchase. Ask for our new customer special.

Cleantech Competition Model
Your organization can benefit from our new component that promotes competition in energy conservation. Whether you are school full of students, an international company that spans across the globe, or a building with competitive departments on various floors; we can make it fun for you by allowing the competition to take place, and the real winner will win through good deeds, by conserving your energy and lowering your operational energy costs. Let the games begin!

New Mom Scheduler
The long-awaited program that will make the hectic schedules of new moms as easy as can be. Ask for our returning customer discount.

iProtos is on Twitter
iProtos can now be found on Twitter at http://twitter.com/iprotos. Please follow our tweets if you want to learn more about the happenings within the company as well as our new products and services.

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